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This shirt design was originally designed to accompany a talk by Sarah Shourd in Berkeley sponsored by NRCAT and BARCAT (Bay Area Religious Campaign Against Torture) in February 2012. Sarah was held in Iran for 14 months, 3 months of which was spent in solitary confinement. She has been speaking out about her ordeal to raise awareness about solitary confinement being a form of torture and to help to eliminate the practice in the US prison system. She gratefully accepted a gift of the shirt and wore it during her talk.

(Please note: The grittiness of the design of the front of this T-Shirt is intentional).

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"Occupy Sandy" and "Occupy Sandy NJ" provide hands-on, on-the-ground aid and support to people impacted by Hurricane Sandy, by assisting them in restoring their homes and obtaining still desperately needed supplies. The shirt was inspired by desire to point out the strong links between global climate change and large magnitude storms like Sandy.

"The Domes" is a unique community of small, energy-efficient, bicycle-and-gardening friendly, student cooperative houses at the University of California, Davis, CA.

The written words in Hebrew and Arabic for peace: "Shalom" and "Salaam", are both derived from the same Proto-Semitic language root. They sound similar and the design shows just how similar they are when written. Limited numbers if blue womens shirts with Shalom=Salaam are currently available. Contact us.

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