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T-Shirts for PEACE is currently helping sponsor the activities of three organizations - the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT), Save the Domes and Occupy Sandy - Occupy Sandy NJ.

T-Shirts for PEACE believes that each organization is doing very important work and merits whatever help we can give them. With each T-Shirts order you get to specify to which organization you would like T-Shirts for PEACE to contribute $5 for each T-Shirt. So please take the time to get acquainted with each organization and/or notice which one draws your attention the most at this time. Brief summaries of each organization follow, and you can learn more by clicking on the links for each organization, or on the images below. You can donate directly to each organization; look for the Donate buttons on each organization's page.

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The National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) is dedicated to the idea that torture is always wrong and that Torture is a Moral Issue. It began opposing the use of torture used on persons held by the US and its allies and rendered to other nations in the so-called War on Terror. NRCAT supports full transparency of practices that were used in the past and aims to prevent it's use in the future. It has recently expanded to include a stand against solitary confinement, including in the US. Solitary confinement is a form of torture and should not happen. We are proud to assist in their campaign to put an end to these practices.

Save the Domes is about the Domes, an innovative, architecturally distinctive student housing community at University of California, Davis, that was built in the early 70s. The students living there evolved a cooperative community there that was beloved by its former and current residents. In 2011 the University planned to demolish them and build high-rise dormitories. In-response, students from the Domes and their supporters staged a peaceful, nonviolent march and protest and brought hundreds of letters of support from people, including Davis community members and former Domies, urging the the Domes be not demolished and instead restored. UC Davis agreed. Then over the next several months organizations and community members helped raise funds to provide much needed repairs with the help and direction of The Davis Solar Community Housing Association. Hundreds volunteered in work parties to restore and modernise the Domes. Today, this very special, appealing, low-cost, eco-friendly, garden and bicycle lifestyle based community continues to thrive but needs help to complete the restoration.

Occupy Sandy and Occupy Sandy NJ reminds us that the effects of Hurricane Sandy continue, that rebuilding lives after homes and communities have been tattered takes time, and that there are great people out there, sleeves rolled up, on the ground, who are cheerfully providing much needed support, and we support them in turn. Hurricane Sandy provides a warning that with global climate change increasing, more frequent storms of increasing intensity may be on their way.

ALT T-Shirts For Peace ALT
ALT T-Shirts For Peace ALT